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Листая старую тетрадь

Разбираю старые мейлы, обнаружил документальное подтверждение своих потрясающих знаний в английском
Увековечу в ЖЖ

Better later than never, but this week we had a concluding meeting with VF UK on the incident, and I feel that I haven't had the chance to thank you all on behalf of CFG for this joint team effort.
First of all I'd like to thank everyone who spent days and nights on the site or in the TLV office supporting the site team, without showing any tiredness signs or complaints, and proved a high degree of dedication and professionalism in a highly pressured environment with hostile customer elements: Shay, Ronen, Ilan B, Eduard M, Eduard G, Dave, Allan, Tomer, Erez, Eyal, Sharon, Roni, Ronen, Michal, Maxim.

I think Shay proved that T4 can easily work 18 hours daily :) and Tomer has definitely showed that complicated scripts can be corrected and tested even before the previous version reached the site by email. Also most sensitive technical explanation with strong political implications vs VF was solved by Eduard M in a combination of Russian, Hebrew and English in a conversation with a Scottish VF guy.

Many thanks to Maoz, Ofer S, Miron, Ram, Alex and Lior for the managerial support and ressource assignment, despite the effect on other customers and projects (except CPE, which was not affected :))

I'd like to think also to Yossi for all the support from UK office and tension defusion moments wih VF.
And last but not least many thanks to Rami, who led the technical activities under the amazingly difficult conditions from TLV and site, and supported us in the conference calls with VF by providing precious technical understanding. I strongly believe that he re-wrote the UM documentation in the time he was supposed to sleep, ut might be someone else :)

I sincerely hope I haven't missed anyone. If yes, please forward this email with my apologies.

Best regards

PS. Thanks also to Israeli football team, for not being humiliated by England's team during this week...

Надо бы и про поездку когда-нибудь написать,что-то вроде "Как пробыть 3 дня в Англии и ничего не увидеть"
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